About Us

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Hi there!

We're Aerial.Live and we take properties and projects to new heights with aerial drone photography. We're not like any other company out there though.

Because of headwinds in technology, we've managed to reduce costs to produce high-quality drone photos to a fraction of what you'll find. These photos can and have been used for a variety of needs including showcasing real estate, 3D modeling project sites, and proving legal cases.

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When many people think about aerial views, they first think of satellite photos. Satellite views, by their very nature are not very high quality. They are also not recent.

Helicopter or plane aerial photographs are higher quality and can be recent, but are very cost prohibitive. Aerial images produced by drones allow us to solve these problems and more. In particular, not only can quality aerial photos be taken more cheaply on-demand, but our cost-effective approach allows for aerial photography to be applied to business that were previously out of reach.

With Aerial.Live, aerial drone photography can be used for needs like lower value real estate properties, daily overhead inspections of construction sites, identifying access points, and verifying contractor work.

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We have 4 years in the drone space with over 3000 successful flights under our belt and counting. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds suited to provide you with a top tier experience.

We strive to accelerate the growth of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries with aerial photos that can be applied to an even larger-than-normal set of use cases. We also take safety very seriously. In addition to properly training operators, we carry a million dollar insurance policy for every drone. At Aerial.Live, you're in good hands. Let us help you take your business to new heights.