Use Cases

A beautiful home captured for real estate agent with leaves falling in the front

Real Estate

Real estate photos generally show the interior and exterior from a person's point of view. These photos are so typical that, they're often glossed over by homebuyers.

Because aerial photography has yet to be adopted as a new standard, such photos continue to excite homeowners and buyers alike. In fact, aerial photography allows prospective buyers to see the property from the outside in a more holistic manner. Understanding better what a property looks and feels like can help in weeding out those that may or may not buy—bringing in more qualified buyers.

Contruction site going up showing a lift and wood understructure


Because of our cost-effective approach to capturing aerial photographs, construction companies are realizing new ways of reducing costs and improving safety. In particular, aerial drone photography is being used to provide weekly and, sometimes even, daily inspection of work being done.

High quality photosets shot at multiple angles allow stakeholders to see what's going on without actually going to the site. Photos can be printed up and marked up to show problems that need to be addressed or to provide information on how to move equipment. Similar sets of photos are also being used to develop 3D models and making sure workers are properly equipped.

Roof captured in high definition for solar measurements


Typical solar installations have an inspection component and engineering component. Our photographs help installers take into consideration roof condition and locations for pipes. Then, with help from 3D modeling software, high-quality aerial photographs can be used to replace more expensive efforts in sending inspectors out.

Installers, from the comfort of their desk can review inch-accurate measurements and effectively design panel layout and configuration. Our image sets have been used, in this fashion, to model solar power for over 1000 homes and buildings in California to date.