The Process in Detail

View that will be captured shown as a dotted area on a map with cameras

Getting aerial photos and videos is a breeze. Whether for glamour shots, performing site inspections from far, generating 3D models, or more; we make the experience of getting high-quality, cost-effective aerial drone photos as easy as ordering a pizza.

First, you let us know where to capture. Our order tool helps you define where exactly you would like us to photograph or record video. Is the property a new development or do you want to photograph somewhere on a large plot of land? No problem. Our tool accepts addresses, GPS coordinates, and adjustments made on our map. If there are any other details missing that you'd like to let us know, you can always do so at contact us.

Licensed operator flying a fully insured drone out to a project site to capture images

After you've input all of your payment details, you're done. We take over, so you can just sit back and relax.

Our closest operators, all of whom are fully licensed by the FAA, receive notification about your order. One of them will take your request, drive to your specified location, set-up a traffic cone, and safely capture aerial views of your requested site. After capturing photos or video footage, they're quickly uploaded to our servers where we perform a quality check and make touchups for you and then send them straight to your inbox. All told, you should have your photos or video within 24 hours of ordering.

Top down photographic drone view showing a covered construction site

Photos delivered are high-quality jpeg images, typically 2-4 mb in size and 4000x3000 pixels in resolution. These images are high enough quality to see things like flowers and can be easily printed or stored for documentation purposes.

Videos are capture in high-definition 1080p. These videos allow interested parties to see around prospective sites with detail and quality similar to being there in person.

We guarantee satisfaction, so if the photos or video don't match your expectations, let us know and we'll refund your deposit.